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High ping and streaming services

Figured its probably worthwhile just spamming these boards with separate tales of woeful ping.  It is now restrictive and the quality of service is not something that I want to pay for any longer.  There are too many people with this issue for it to be a "home setup" fault and BT need to acknowledge that there is a bigger picture or wider reason why so many of us are experiencing this baffling issue.

Needless to say, the normal ping rate in the middle is when netflix was paused.  

Wonderful mods of this forum, please speak to me and give me (and everyone else asking the question) an answer to this issue. 

Please help us!

A little respiteA little respite

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Re: High ping and streaming services

Currently in contact with Forum MODs about this issues, and they've taken over my case due to not getting anywhere with BT Customer Service or the "Offline Team" based off shore.

Hopefully they can get this in the hands of the network engineers who can go and have a look at the suspect nodes I pointed out to them.

Fingers crossed it is a node issues that we're all routed through and it can be fixed for everyone in one go.

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Re: High ping and streaming services

It's honestly ridiculous. The forum is riddled with posts DAILY of this issue, and BT are somehow completely oblivious? Its honestly unusable. Living in a house with 4/5 other people means this issue is  constant, even until as late as 2am. None of the support from BT has helped the issue one bit. They were going to send an engineer to our house, but then cancelled the engineer as they thought they could fix the problem from the cabinet. Receive a text a couple days later saying "issue is fixed" which is a complete lie, ping spikes all the way up to 250-300ms every 2 seconds. Ludicrous.

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Re: High ping and streaming services

The thing is, BT Support aren't trained to deal with latency issues, only "speed, or stability" issues. 

I even had one of the off shore "Offline Team" tell me that games use 15Mbps bandwidth and I needed to upgrade my package, hah. That made me pretty angry so that's when I wen't to twitter to try and get some help on the situation. 

Thankfully we could be making progress with my case, and i'll have an update on Monday / Tuesday after BT Engineers changed some "backed end" stuff in the network.

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Re: High ping and streaming services

Please keep us updated if you find anything 🙂
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Re: High ping and streaming services

I have the 65mb package and I just tried this yesterday. Played dota2 while watching netflix. Spikes every 10-20 seconds.
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Re: High ping and streaming services

Exact same issue bt are useless had this problem for a year and nothing been done to help


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