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High ping/low download speeds on my device only?

Hi, over the past few days I've been experiencing issues with gaming and watching livestreams. As a gamer, I know wired connection is the way to go, but it isn't possible for me. However I've been able to play games wirelessly on semi-consistent ping with few problems. But the past few days my ping will consistently sit at around 90-110ms in any UK servers(CSGO and teamspeak), servers in other countries it gets higher due to distance? I'm not a mastermind when it comes to the ins and out of how it works, and I'd just like some help to fixing my problem.


I usually maintain around 12 download and 0.9 upload as infinity is not avalible in my area, we have the BTHomeHub 4. I don't feel my wireless adapter is the problem either as my connection has been fine too prior to the past couple days. Also, if there is any other places I can test my speeds, feel free to link them, however this is what I am currently getting: 


On the livestreaming front, I've before been able to watch twitch streams in source quality with no problems at all. However recently, I've had struggles even trying to watch some streams at medium! Any replies are appreciated, thanks!

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Re: High ping/low download speeds on my device only?

you really need to try a wired connection as wireless can get many data packets resent increasing ping
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