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High ping spikes for the past month, help?

I have tried everything, a new router, switch to a wired connection, everything. I called them and for some reason they think that it isn't their problem as the speeds are fine when I don't think they realise that not everything is about speeds. I can see that other people have also had high ping spikes, are there any fixes? BT could not seem to tell me why it's happening. (It's usually when I'm watching a stream or video, or when my family are watching netflix downstairs on the TV)

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Re: High ping spikes for the past month, help?

Hi I'm replying to this to bump all of the related posts up to the top of community so hopefully BT can take their heads out of the sand and see that there is an issue, if not hopefully deter new customers from this horrific service.

Unfortunately hundreds of us are having this issue and have been told that "nothing is wrong", see for yourself here:

On another note the only proven solution is to switch ISP but good look trying to use this as a reason for cancellation because you've got no chance there either.
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