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Hikvision / Smart Hub 2 Help

Hi all,

We've moved to BT from Sky as of this past Monday, but I am having problems getting my Hikvision CCTV system to work on the new router.

I've set a static IP on the device itself, and this is seen and recognised by the Smart Hub. I've also set-up port forwarding (or at least tried to) for the ports 80; 8000; 554 & 443 - this is the same as I'd done previously on the Sky router and is consistent with port settings listed on the Hikvision device itself.


I use a DDNS service via No-IP, and I've checked that everything is consistent across the devices.

If I check the ports via a service like, 8000 and 554 still appear to be closed - even though I've set them the same as ports 80 and 443 which return a positive open result.

I've turned off Smart Set-up on the BT Hub and have tried a couple of different static IP's, but still getting the same issue.

Can any one help please? I'm assuming it'll be a simple and fairly obvious setting that I need to toggle on or off, but I cannot for the life of me figure it out.


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Re: Hikvision / Smart Hub 2 Help

Hi there, I have the exact same problem. Did you find a resolution?

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