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Home - 2nd Line costs?

Moving soon and looking to see what is needed? Intend on getting "ULTRAFAST FIBRE 2 PLUS" however, master socket is situated in living room.

We are looking at getting the broadband/router installed upstairs, I assume this would just be a 2nd line? If so, what am I looking at cost wise?

Secondly, what is BT policy when it comes to cabling? Do they have to start from master socket and run a cable up the stairs? Or do they need to drill going outside? At the time of posting, we have no flooring down at this time so I'm looking to find this out so we could potentially get this done before the flooring goes down.

Any information would be appreciated. 😀

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Re: Home - 2nd Line costs?

are you moving to a new build home?  if so is there not FTTP already installed


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Re: Home - 2nd Line costs?

It depends on how your service is being provided.

If it is being provided by G.Fast (i.e copper) then you can do one of 2 things, pay BT to move the master socket to where you want it or just run a data extension cable yourself from the master socket to an extension socket where you want it.

If it is being provided by FTTP, then Openreach will need to provide an ONT which you will need to discuss the siting of with the engineer. If the ONT is sited where the current master socket is located, you can just run an Ethernet cable from the ONT to the router yourself.

Any internal wiring is your responsibility.

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Re: Home - 2nd Line costs?

Its a new build yes.
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Re: Home - 2nd Line costs?

I'll see if I can find out the provider, thanks licquorice.

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Re: Home - 2nd Line costs?

I suspect it will be delivered by FTTP and should already be installed, in which case your developer should have provided a patch panel adjacent to the ONT to enable you to patch either Ethernet  or phone to various locations in the house.

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Re: Home - 2nd Line costs?

Like this

2018-11-30 19_19_34-Window.png

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Re: Home - 2nd Line costs?

Clocked this; got some useful info in it -

If I remember correctly, I did see the unit thats under the stairs. We are due to re-visit the property in 2 weeks time to see the plastering when its done.

So would it be unreasonable for me to ask the builder to put a panel in one of the bedrooms upstairs? We did ask but they told us that we would need to ask BT to install a 2nd line??

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Re: Home - 2nd Line costs?

The builder was talking total rubbish, there is no need for a second line. You need to get the builder to install whatever cables you require wherever you need them in accordance with the diagram I posted. As I said previously, all internal wiring is your responsibility and is not provided by Openreach.

The voice cables can be daisy chained from one room to another but the data cables need to be individually run back to the patch panel adjacent to the ONT

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