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Home BB bad speed, disconects and generally un-useable

Hey there all.


Looking for some help.


Background:- I live in a very rural area and although Bt list 0.5 MB connection I've generally been getting arounf 800-900 kbps down/300-400kbps up which to be honest I've been happy with.


However since Friday although I still speed test much the same latency is massive. Browsing or using simple dos based chat apps gives lag and any attempt to down load even a few MB, connect to VPN or use on line gaming ends in 'running in tar'. ie I can connect to a game but the second any load gets going latency sky rockets and I disconect. Looking at the router(s) page I can see the line dropping and the router retraining.


I've tried swapping out my router (I've been using a work provided Linksys Cisco router but I swapped back to the BT router for no improvement, or actualy worse performance as the Cisco seems more reliable). I've tried removing everthing else plugged into my home system. Multiple Pc's, laptops and even my Wii effected so I'm happy I dont have a individual PC issue (and yes I'm MCP, MCDST certified, 10+ years experience as a PC and networking engineer). I've tried dropping MTU as I was getting slight packet loss at around 1472 packet size but really windows Xp should cope with that fine. No packet loss at that size and still the issue continues. Dropped it to 1400 just to be sure and still no joy.


It may be co-incidence but Open Reach were round on Thursday clearing vegitation from the local telegraph poles etc. line quaility was poor Friday and dropped to zero dial tone Saturday. I've logged a number of faults with Bt and now I have dial tone back (which is nice) but still BB is basicaly un-useable. I keep logging faults and Bt Open Reach keeps trying to close them despite my original fault not being resolved. Any pointers?  

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Re: Home BB bad speed, disconects and generally un-useable

shocking init,  2010 and still ppl cant get broadband.  a 3rd world country has better broadband than us the uk comes in at the bottom thanks 2 bt  Open Reach  


have you tryd a dongal 

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Re: Home BB bad speed, disconects and generally un-useable

Hah. The valley i live in is so deep they need to truck daylight in let alone wireless. And by wireless I mean Radio I dont get radio or TV let alone 3G.


So no, my only option for workable internet is adsl over copper. And annoyingly its been working fine for ...going on 2 years.

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