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Re: Home Hub 2 dropping all wireless connections

Another frustrated user here with a HH 2, with the following clients:


- Macbook Pro (2007)

- Macbook Air (2011)


With a Mac Mini (server) connected via Ethernet.


The big problem is Time Machine backups over WiFi. Using Ethernet is fine but over WiFi just causes the HH wireless to blow up - pathetic. Loses wireless connectivity and get the 'Connection Timeout' when attempting to rejoin. Solution is to reset the HH and re-establish the WPA connection as the HH has forgotten that either device is Trusted.


Interestingly my iPhone continues to work (after the reboot...) and does not need WPA password reinputting - the HH remembers that client.


Read that someone saw it failing around 4 GB or so transfer point which is what I see consistently also.


I'll see if large file copies using regular Finder to and from the Mac Mini cause the same problem to occur. I'll also try some of the other suggestions here.


I'm loathe to have to buy a 'proper' router as I resent paying for a service and having to shell out a further £100 to get it to work properly.



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Re: Home Hub 2 dropping all wireless connections

I've had the same problem here, ended up giving up on the router and downgrading to a Voyager 2500V. I've never had a problem with it so it sits in the cupboard for such an occasion. And I haven't even bothered phoning BT, can't be arsed with the same nonsense about plugging in to the master socket blah blah blah.

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Re: Home Hub 2 dropping all wireless connections

had the same problems here, also noticed that between rooms it was no good, so went out and bought a belkin router and have not experienced any problems with service yet:


no drop outs

no connection issues

and increased bandwidth


i can now get a full connection throughout the house and in the garden... nice (homehub in cupboard forever)

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Re: Home Hub 2 dropping all wireless connections

I have been having this problem as well since connecting my iMac (late 2010) to the network through wireless.  I'm going to connect that device through a wired connection and see if the problem persists.



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Re: Home Hub 2 dropping all wireless connections

My iMac has been connected to the home hub 2.0 (Type A) by cable for six days now and during that period there have be No (Zero, Zip, Nada, None) drop-outs for the devices on the wireless connections.


Is it possiable that the Home Hub 2.0 (Type A) has some significant compatability issues with wireless cards using the Atheros 9280 chipset? (Like my iMac, all of the Macbooks which have this issue and many PC's).

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