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Home Hub 3 and 4 Connections Limit ?

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Hi All i am very much hoping there is someone expert on issues such as number of connections allowed and home hub interconnecting.


First things first.  I had a home hub 3 and it kept on dropping the signal.  it went on for several months and many calls to Bangladesh.  Very often the problem was fixed and all reunning perfect ...... for a few days sometimes even a week or so.  Then it was back to This page cannot be displayed or 'No Internet' in the wifi connection window.


At the beginning the hub would show fault ie the red light would start to flash.  I also had a terible phone line with a lot of crackle.  One of the 'remote fixes' seemed to cure this and from then on the blue light was always on and for a while the signal remained ok.  then it bagan to drop intermittently.


i also have a connection to a remote part of the garden and run a 40 meter Cat 5 cable from a port on the new homehub4 up to the homehub 3 at the other end.  When i connect this, the home hub3 in the garden receives Internet no porblem but i loose it at the main hub.  no faults are reported and the signal is said to be excellent and 'Internet Access ' is usually displayed.  


i can often get the first page but then clicking any links gives a page with cannot connect to this page please check the name etc.  if i unplug the lead going down the garden to the homehub3 I get ful connection back.


I think there is more than one problem but for now i just want to fix this bandwidth sharing issue.  Surely i should not loose connection as soon as i connect to a slave hub down the garden?  it does come and go after then and i will receive the odd batch of email but it is disconnected 80% of the time.


Anyone any idea what sort of a problem this is?  if it is bandwidth, can i set a limit on how much will go the the slave homehub3?  or can i set priority to the homehub4?  or even to a specific IP address ie my laptop?


both hubs use dhcp so i did wonder if there was conflict of IP addresses but i dont see how this can be because my connection comes and goes whereas theremote homehub3 stays perfect connection for skype etc.


Another very interesting aspect was that when i would drop out on the new hub, i could connect to BT WiFi with Fon and got a connection no problem.  Yet that connection must be supplied by my homehub4 so how can it supply me through wifi with fon no problem but not a direct wifi connection when i an literally 2 feet from the router?


that element has now vanished because the Bangladesh team finally decided it was the new router and sent an engineer to test it.  he concluded it was the router and changed it for one he had with him butthis one does not give any signal for btwifi with fon so I am scr___d !


absolutely anything appreciated.  I was an IT professional for many years so dont be shy to use technical terms.


Thanks in advance

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Re: Home Hub 3 and 4 Connections Limit ?

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You need to turn off the dhcp on the hh3


this may help

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Re: Home Hub 3 and 4 Connections Limit ?

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Thanks that makes sense


Problem now seems to be solved.  it was a little dumb of me not to realise 😕


@I am guessing the main issue was the two hubs were both using the default IP address (....254) so i changed it on the secondary.  also that they were both dishing out IP addresses thereby leaving the door open for clashes?


With DHCP now disabled on the secondary hub i assume all the addresses are being issued by the primary


it is working now anyway - thanks

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