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Home Hub 3: is the firewall internal, external, or both?

First post - hello all Smiley Happy


We had a Home Hub 3 land in our house this week, after our venerable Voyager 2091 finally gave up the ghost (five years of just-about continuous operation - not too shabby). Overall, I'm very happy with it so far - the built-in four-port switch is a welcome feature, as is one of the ports being Gigabit, which will be most useful once I have a Gigabit-capable wired network around the house Smiley Wink


I have one query, though: it's regarding the HH3's firewall. To set the scene: we have a HomePlugAV-based home network, linking the HH3 (and a Synology NAS device connected directly to the Gigabit Ethernet port) to an Ubuntu-based PC and Mac upstairs.


Since the HH3 arrived, I've been unable to access either Windows (SMB) or Linux/UNIX (NFS) network file shares on the Synology box, whereas these worked fine with the old Voyager router. I noticed that the HH3 has a "firewall", which is distinct from the port-forwarding feature. It explains that outgoing traffic is allowed, whilst incoming traffic is denied.


I wondered if this firewall is on the Internet side of the network, or the LAN side (or both), and whether it is blocking any of the SMB or NFS traffic on my LAN, between the NAS box and the computers upstairs? (I've checked the HomePlugs and the computers, and nothing appears to be causing trouble there.)


Since I assume the router's NAT will keep out external visitors (unless they are allowed through by the port-forwarding), would I be right in guessing that (a) the firewall is for internal use, and (b) it can safely be turned off to allow unimpeded traffic between machines inside the LAN? Obviously, if the HH3 firewall is the external one, I want to "keep the shields up", but if it's on the LAN side, I'd rather turn it off so that services actually work!


Many thanks Smiley Happy

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Re: Home Hub 3: is the firewall internal, external, or both?

There does seem to be a current issue with port forwarding and access to NAS devices.

I would have thought the firewall is between the internet and your local network, if you wish to test your network without the firewall I would disconnect the internet first.

Check your exchange or major service outages

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Re: Home Hub 3: is the firewall internal, external, or both?

I have a similar set up, having just upgraded to HH3.0, and am also encountering problems. My issue seems to be that if I try to access the synology server using an external address (eg the external IP address or dynamic dns lookup service such as dyndns), but from within my internal network then the server cannot be found. It works fine if I use the internal ip address (eg or if I use the external address from another network (eg mobile dongle), hence the port forwarding seems fine. Disabling the firewall has no effect. This problem was not present with HH2.0.


I suspect there is a bug in the router code which should redirect external loops back to the internal address, or something else strange with the firewall. Anyone else suffering the same? Know how to log bugs with BT?

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Re: Home Hub 3: is the firewall internal, external, or both?

Did you ever resolve this issue?


I have a similar problem in that I File Share a directory to my Media Streamer Device which is an Iomega ScreenPlay TV Link Director. Since having the HH3 installed I am unable to see any content shared from my PC Win vista to the Screenplay device which I think must be some sort of Linux OS. If I try to connect from another windows device I have no problems!


I have plug my old router / switch in to make sure I wasn't going mad, and the two device worked perfectly. So there definitely seems to be an issue between Win File Shares and Linux OS authentication back to the windows devices on the internal LAN of the BT HH3.


Anyone got answer on this?



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Re: Home Hub 3: is the firewall internal, external, or both?

I'm having a similar problem after having "upgraded" to HH3 from my old trusted HH1.


I can't get access to my Denon AVR 4308 and other resources. I can't share files across parts of my "HOME" network.

I have tried both static and dynamic IP's with or without DHCP but same result.


My iPad has stopped connecting to my document store on another machine on the internat network and the Denon app for controlling my AVR 4308 isn't connecting either.


Returning to my old HH1 resolves all problems.


There seems to be a firewall issue on the HH3 and we, the users, can't access the settings. I have tried to gain access to the management port but can't.


Anyone out there having a possible solution.


Ta / Lohse

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