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Home Hub 3 port forwarding

I'm trying to set up port forwarding for multiple systems on my home network, and the HH3 seems to be actively stopping me setting up a particular set of ports for more than one system. I'm moderately experienced at this and have managed it without problems on other (admittedly not BT) hubs in the past, but HH3 is driving me up the wall.


The specifics are that i'm trying to set the hub to allow 4 PCs to connnect with external UT2004 servers. I can set system 1 up fine, but UT2004 then disappears from the available application to set up for any other system. I've tried duplicating the UT2004 port set up into a bespoke definition, but as soon as I try and configure another system with that, HH3 squeals about a port clash and won't play.


At a pinch I could disable the firewall for while playing, but that's a pain in the **bleep**.


Anybody got any advice?


If the HH3 won't allow it does anyone have advice as to a compatible replacement, preferably one with port triggering available.





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Re: Home Hub 3 port forwarding

You have probably read this thread


If not, then it may help.


I am sure there are plenty of people here that would suggest a replacement. If you use the forum search, you will find what other people are using.


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Re: Home Hub 3 port forwarding

There is a plethora of alternatives to the HH3 and as with any other equipment there are conditions that apply.


Any cheap cable router that supports a PPPoE connection will do as a starting point and outperform the HH3 (especially with Tomato or DDWRT firmware on it).


Next you need to decide what your needs are along with budget and your own personal preference.


As with any other PC equipment, do your research on the makers web site and check the spec to see if it will do what you want.


For ideas have a look here.