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Re: Home Hub 3 problems

I am one of those old fashioned guys who doesn’t feel comfortable with wireless and have my 2 desktop PCs hard wired.


A long time BT Customer up until now had always used these services through the Home Hub 1.


Recently I was given a new iPad 2 as a gift and was unable to set up wireless connection. My desktop BT Help diagnosis said there was no wireless facility detected and when I phoned BT Help I was informed that this was because of my old version 1 Home Hub was past it. But if I were to upgrade to BT Broadband Infinity I would be given a new Home Hub 3 which would give me fast reliable wireless with which to use my iPad. I agreed to have this upgrade on this basis.


My new service was installed on 2 Nov 2011. My iPad worked with wireless for a few days then it stopped and any address I put in was given a 414 error message: The requested URL’s length exceeds the capacity limit for this server.

However if I walked a few hundred yards to my son-in-law’s house the iPad worked fine. He has an old BT Home Hub 1. The type I was told was not suitable for me!  


I complained online about this and was given the complaint reference number and a BT help technical rep called Mohammed called me a few nights ago and after taking over my computer for about an hour told me there was nothing he could do to help and I should phone 0800 3288344 where I would get free help.


After more hours spent on the phone I eventually, spoke to Brian and his supervisor Anthony of BT Home IT Support Newcastle. Both, while sympathetic and apologetic tell me that they can cure my problem which is well known and experienced by many, but they would only do so on a payment by call basis, as this was the policy of BT Home IT Support Newcastle which is a subsidiary of BT and they have no discretion on such matters.


I have taken this up with BT Customer Options and have had another few sessions with help from India but all to no avail.

 My HomeHub3 and Openreach for the Infinity services was fitted on 2nd November 2011 on the basis that I needed it for my iPad 2 and it is not fit for purpose, but I am told that I can only have it fixed if I pay call charges for a problem that BT know all about .


I am not prepared to be blackmailed in this way probably cut off my nose to spite my face and cancel my direct debit.


But what a way to run a business.


Shame on you BT

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Re: Home Hub 3 problems

Hi petitioner


I am not lucky enough to own an Ipad unfortunately.. Christmas soon so you never know!!


And I am not sure what you've been talked thru in testing so apologies if this is all a repeat.


You've proved there is nothing wrong with your Ipad by connecting to another wireless service.


So I would try another wireless service at your home......

Don't forget if you've enabled the BT Fon and Openzone then your router will also be radiating these signals as well as your normal BT HomeHUB SSID wireless signal..

Your Fon and Openzone signals could be ideal for testing with as they do not need a wireless key entered. (In case there is a problem with entering your wireless key on the Ipad for some reason).


As I don't have knowledge on how to scan for wireless signals on an Ipad that are available to you, I'll leave you to have a look and if you see a BTopenzone or BTFON try and connect to it.

How to connect info HERE.

Then your presented with a landing page where you enter your BT details and click the BT broadband customer part enter and your online.

Mind you it's download speed is only 0.5Mbps but still useful for testing.

Picture of a HH3 Home page showing FON active.

What is BT FON HERE.



If you don't have Fon/Openzone active then I would try a few things whilst your Ipad is next to the HH3.

Log in to your HH3 HERE.


Go to Advanced settings then Wireless.

Move the channel from Automatic to a specific wireless channel number (for reliable future use you can run a free wireless scanner called Inssider on your PC to help you identify a clear or least used wireless channel for your HH3)

But while your testing with the Ipad so close to the HH3 don't worry about that yet...

Just enter say 1 and apply. Wait a minute or so and see if you've got connectivity with Ipad... if not try a few other numbers... Don't use 13 or 14 as I think some equipment doesn't work on these.


Also you could change your router so that it only uses Wireless Interface type 802.11 b/g

This is the older transmission type or you could try the b/g/n 40Mhz the newest.


Still no luck then I would try a quick check and REMOVE your wireless key rquirement by clicking on NONE.

This will remove your wireless security and mean your wireless signal can be logged onto by anyone and I suppose might open up a virus route.

This is Dangerous so make sure no other equipment PC/Laptop is connected during this brief check.


You can click on HOME NETWORK whilst in the HH3 advanced setting and it will give you a list of devices connected.

Clicking on any devices will give you it's connection speed etc.


If you are unable to connect your Ipad whilst it's sitting next to your HH3 with the HH3 say set to ch1 and b/g and no wireless security then you either need a replacement HH3 or may I guide you to THIS THREAD as a suggestion where people have had problems connecting Blackberry's Xbox's etc.


Hopefully you will make connection at some point then it's just a matter of changing things back and seeing when you lose connection again and decisions can be made as to the reason.

For example it works with out wireless security... then introduce the lowest WEP and apply, then WPA only etc.


Please let us know how you get on..... but be careful when testing without wireless security.


Edit Just had a thought... I have heard of problems when the BT desktop help is installed.

I had it on a pc and when I turned on it would come up and say no connection... and ask me if I wanted it fixed, say yes then pictures came up of what HomeHub I was using, click on that and away it went and a minute or so later it connected.


I uninstalled that software and never had a problem since.


Another Edit If you do click on the BT FON activate service button it may/will take a few days before you'll notice the extra signals appear... this is normal.

Please Click On any Text in Blue as that automatically links to information.


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Re: Home Hub 3 problems

I had the BT homebub 2 and was happy with the connection speed, wirelessly and via cable, and the connection rarely dropped on my PC or laptops, except when we tried to run more than 3 connections on it at once, i.e. two laptops, two phones.  When we did this the connection on everything would drop.  


We called up and arranged to get a Homehub3 as the advert says that it can cope with loads of wireless connections. 

When it arrived, we set it up exactly as before, in the same place etc. but it cannot cope with ANY wireless connections whatsoever!  It literally drops connection every 3 minutes, then it comes back, but when you start using it, it drops again.  


I have had to spend the last 3 weekends of my life on the phone to the useless helpdesk, who at one point told me that all they could do was to put me through to the technical support which has a fixed fee as it was clearly something wrong with my laptops wireless settings, not the home hub!  They were going to charge me to fix something that was working completely fine before they send the new home hub.  


I am now using the hotspot on my iphone on my laptop, and the connection never drops, and the speed is adequate. 


I went mad this morning when I got up, working from home because of the Olympics, and tried to get onto the internet on my main PC which is wired via ethernet cable, and the internet wasn't working/impossibly slow on that! 


I'm unsure which is the best option for me - anyone suggest Virgin or Sky?  Not sure I get Virgin in my area.  I'm so fed up with the customer service at BT, I refuse to spend one more wasted minute of my life on the phone to them.  


Its a shame, as I really rate the BT Vision, and will be sad to have to give that up. 

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Re: Home Hub 3 problems

Its easy enough to replace the home hub 3 with a better performing wireless router, many people have done that already.

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Re: Home Hub 3 problems

This is my exact problem too. I had an old pace modem ( 2 wire) and it was perfect, got a bt homehub 3...

The HH3 is a nightmare. Keeps dropping the wireless as I keep getting message every few minutes saying,,your wireless is now connected.

Web browsing it stops and then starts looking for an IP address on the wireless icon


This is on two laptops, one old, one new. 


Simple, gave up on the HH3, went back to pace and no problems.  So the question is why is the HH3 so unreliable?



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Re: Home Hub 3 problems

Hi folks. Let me say at the start that I'm not a computer expert by any means. So I'm hoping someone can help. I have a Compaq desktop PC and use BT infinity for my internet connection. Until recently I was connecting to the internet using a wireless dongle. When the dongle failed I thought I could revert to a wired connection. However, it seems the wired connection will not work. I can connect for a few minutes and then it fails. I've spent several hours on the phone to BT technical support trying to resolve this. In the end they advised me to restore the computer to its factory settings and start again. I did this but the problem was still there. I took the computer back to PC World. The wired internet connection worked fine in the shop, so they said it must be a problem with my BT infinity setup. I told BT this and, good enough, they sent me a new hub and cables. The old hub was 2.0 and the new hub is 3.0. (I'm still using the original openreach modem). However, the problem is still there. I'm currently connecting wirelessly using a borrowed dongle and the wireless connection seems to work fine. I suppose I could buy another dongle, but I think the wired connection should work. BT technical support are now saying that there must be a compatibility problem between the hub and the ethernet card in my computer. Can anyone shed any light? I hope I've explained this well enough. Many thanks, Simon.


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Re: Home Hub 3 problems

Have you tried another ethernet cable?
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Re: Home Hub 3 problems

Couple of things to check. Is the network connection working ok. What happens when you plug the cable in.?


Go to Start > Control Panel > Device manager > Network Adaptors. Are there any yellow exclamation marks. If there are report back here.


Check that the drivers for you network card are up to date by visiting the card manufactures website rather than using the Windows one.


To check you need to go to Start > Control Panel > Device Manager > Network Adaptors > Click on Ethernet adaptor > Click on the tab Driver and take a note of the Adaptors manufacturer and the drivers version number.


Go to the manufacturers website and look for this adaptor and driver. Download the driver to a folder on your computer then go back to the adaptor as above and after clicking on the driver tab click on "Update Driver" the Click on "Browse my Computer" go to the folder you saved the driver in and follow the prompts.


After this has all been done try connecting.

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Re: Home Hub 3 problems

Yes, BT sent me a new hub and cables.

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Re: Home Hub 3 problems

It seems the driver is up to date. Alas, the problem is still there. But thanks anyway.

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