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Re: Home Hub 3 versus Homehub 2 Why should I 'upgrade' and lose my Broadband Talk on Hubphone?

I think I am correct in saying that The Hub does not "search" for a signal.


The hub connects to your phone line and that is your Broadband connection.


The "wi-fi" is the wireless communication from the Hub to your computer or computers.  The Hub is actually sending the signal, that your computer searches for and detects.


If your house has thick walls,  or if your computer is distant from your Hub, or if there is "interference" on the signal for any other reason,  then you might well find that operating the wireless connection on one particular channel works better (ie more reliably, or more stable)  than on another channel. 


If on automatic. and if the Hub decided to change channel, then momentarily you willl lose connection to the Hub while your computer adjusts  (nothing at all to do with the broadband connection between the Hub and the exchange)


The Hub2  also has "automatic" as an option for channel selection,  but I dont know if the firmware/logic operates in the same way as on the Hub3. I assume that the Hub3 has an improved system.    But with either system I beleive that the recommendation is to set a particular channel manually.


The exact advice I was given from BT was that if I had no problems with the wireless connection between the Hub2.0 and my laptop,  then I would see no advantage in changing to the Hub3.0 until Infinity was available in my area.


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