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Home Hub 3 wireless interference

This is a little protracted, but please read and provide answers!

Series of wireless device 'events.'

Wireless central heating temperature sensor connection to controller failed.

Weather station unit failed to receive data (wireless) from outside unit.

HP printer failed and would not work wirelessly from 2 laptops or tablet. All had previously worked over a long period. Tried to set up again, but 'no device found' message displayed. Printer fine using cable.

Noticed tablet (iPad 2) was a little slow, performed speed check. Download 2.5mb, normally >30mb

Checked with laptop, speeds confirmed at 2.5mb download, 3.5mb upload.

BT speed check/help page advised' to house' connection OK, but hub to computer less than expected speed.

I chose the 'reset modem/hub ' option as I did not fancy delving into hub software. (I will do this if necessary, later!)

Suspect the reset button on modem is dodgy, and first attempt at resetting did not work, so bit the bullet and powered down modem, powered up modem, powered down hub, powered up hub. 

Hub/modem appeared OK, computer speed check showed download speed >39mb.!!!

Tried printer, worked fine from laptop and tablet. Weather station is also working now.

My conclusion? The hub misbehaved, resulting in some additional wireless issues with other wireless equipment.

The weather station and central heating failures are not conclusive, but the printer malfunction 'cure' is.

I do not believe in magic, or coincidence. The hub caused the wireless connection to my printer to fail.

Does anyone have any theories? Why did it happen? How can I prevent it happening again?



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Re: Home Hub 3 wireless interference

wireless interference

to maximize wireless speed use
wireless n
aes encryption
wpa2 security
40 mhz bandwidth

use inssider to locate a free channel and set the router to that
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Re: Home Hub 3 wireless interference

This page may help

Wireless connection problems

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