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Home Hub 4 and Naim uniti streaming

Hi There


I have recently joined bt broadband and have a hub4.


My system is a win7 pc, netgear readnas duo network store, and a naim uniti streamer, all wired connections.


Hub plugged in, internet conected , all ok.


Both the uniti and readynas use dhcp so the hub is set for that. The uniti uses UPnP to connect to the readynas, so that is enabled on the hub.


It is recommended that the readynas uses a reserved ip address in the hub only, that is set in the hub.


I can see that all are connected via the pc and the hub, and can access them,


My problem is that the uniti cannot find the readynas.




I have spoken to the help desk ( in India?) who told me that the problem was a line problem and they would send a engineer out ( I told them that the line was ok but.....)


Engineeers arrived ( two of them!), checked the line .. all ok.

Listened to my problem and said that it was a hub fault and a new hub would be sent.

New hub arrived...... same problem.




A friend kindly brought his  modem/router  over, we connected it in exactly the same way, all works perfectly.




Can anybody sugest any solution to my problems or should I just buy another brand of modem/router?


many thanks



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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Home Hub 4 and Naim uniti streaming

There have been a number of reported issues with device sharing on the home hub 4, with no posted resolution at the moment.

It seems to be related to uPnP.




You may find it less trouble to use a different router

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Re: Home Hub 4 and Naim uniti streaming

I have the same problem with my Naim UnitQute 2 not seeing my Freecom NAS drive, however my PC sees/ reads and writes to the NAS without any issues. Do I need a new router/ hub ( I have BT home hub).

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