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Home Hub 5: Can't Connect To Broadband

Hi, I'm living in student accommodation and me and my housemates recently ordered a 9 month student package. The broadband was said to be activated on Wednesday 1st October, which it seems to have been, but the lights on the home hub are orange/red (the power light is orange, the broadband light is flashing red).

In addition to this, every time we try and connect to the network an exclamation mark appears over the connection icon and a pop-up appears saying "Additional log on information may be required". Upon pressing this it opens up the browser to the BT broadband troubleshoot pages.

I have tried everything in the router settings but haven't been able to get past this problem. It should be noted that I'm running Windows 7, and an old broadband connection from the previous tenants was overridden for our new one. I'm trying to avoid phoning BT for a bit as I've heard not great stuff about their service.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
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Re: Home Hub 5: Can't Connect To Broadband

It says here


Check all the cables are plugged in correctly and that it’s after midnight on the day we switch on your broadband

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Re: Home Hub 5: Can't Connect To Broadband

You could try a factory reset of the homehub by pressing a pin into the recess button on the rear for about 20 seconds. If that doesn't do it and all the cables are plugged in as they should be given that you were supposed to be activated on the 1st October and it is now 6th October I think all you can do is phone BT to see what the problem is.

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