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Home Hub 5 Ethernet ports dead

Following a recent thunderstorm, only one ethernet port of my Home Hub 5 is now working. I was using all four and had a Develo Homeplug  Dlan adaptor, which also now doesn't work, connected to port 3. I've powered off the hub and restarted it with nothing connected to the ethernet ports and the error log shows no ethernet errors. The broadband and WiFi and port 4 are all working OK, so I suspect the lightning has fried the Develo and the other ethernet ports of the Home Hub. Does anyone have any other ideas? Is there an easy way to get a new Hub without going through too many diagnostics with customer services. 

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Re: Home Hub 5 Ethernet ports dead

You may need a complete reset to the default setting.
See if you can locate the small hole on the hub, use a paper clip or a cocktail stick. Push into the hole for around 10 seconds until the lights on the hub flash
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Re: Home Hub 5 Ethernet ports dead

If a factory reset doesn't help, a support call to BT is probably your best bet.


One alternative to this would be getting an ethernet switch and connect that to the one good port. There are plenty of switches out there, but I like the ones with port mirroring, e.g. a Netgear GS105E or TP-Link SG105E. Combine one of these with a packet analyzer like WireShark and you can see exactly what's going on in your network.

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Re: Home Hub 5 Ethernet ports dead

Thanks, I'm unable to factory reset it at the moment as it's located remotely in my holiday home, before I left I bought a cheap ethernet switch which works fine. The only issue is mains sockets, so I'll probably ring support to get a replacement, so next time I'm there I can replace it. Thanks for your help.
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