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Home Hub 5-LAN ports not working through a Switch.

I am experiencing a problem with my domestic LAN that I am not being able to resolve. I hope someone in this forum can please lend me a hand to solve this puzzle. Thanks.


I have a BT Home Hub 5 (Infinity broadband) normally connected to a Switch (Netgear G608, 8-port Gigabit, unmanaged) from which I connect to a number of computers and other devices, including two more identical Netgear switches for further branching through the house.


I had this network topology for more than 3 years working faultlessly, including the past 5 or 6 months using the new HH5.


A few weeks ago I started experiencing painfully slow network speeds, e.g.: file transfers at 10Kbps (yes, Kilo) when I normally get 50Mbps. Initially I tried the obvious troubleshooting path: reset, check IP address, change cables (bought new CAT6 patch looms), plug on different port sockets, re-start (power-cycle) system; all unsuccessful.


During the troubleshooting, I noticed that LAN speeds are slow only if connected through the switch: if I connect my computer to one of the four HH5's Ethernet ports directly, it works fine.


To isolate the problem I stripped down the system and placed on my workbench: the HH5, one Switch and one laptop. I can sistematically reproduce the problem: laptop through switch=slow, directly to HH5=fast. I also tried using my desktop computer, same result. Boths computers feature Windows 8.1 home edition.

Same thing if I try to use the smart-tv to access media files on the NAS server using the swich. 


It is also worth mentioning that the LED on the switch of the port connected to the HH5 is always blinking fast, as if there were data activity, although this is not reflected on the LED of the port going to the computer, or even if there is no computer attached. It also struggles to lock at Gbit (green port LED), sometimes it can only achieve 100Mbps (yellow port LED) 


All these clues seem to be aiming at the Switch as the suspected offender. However, I have tried the three switches in the house, all with identical result. I find it hard to believe that all three could have developed the same fault simultaneously.


I wonder if there is anything I could try on the HH5.


Any ideas??



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Re: Home Hub 5-LAN ports not working through a Switch.

I have just upgraded to Infinity 2 with HH5 to replace HH4 that was on ADSL2. I have a Netgear 5 port unmanaged switch connected up similarly so that data can be backed up to any of the computers connected. This all worked fine with the HH4 and OOKLA reported same speed as from within the hub admin i.e around 15Mbps. But now with HH5 OOKLA gives shocking speeds of around 5Mbps down and less than 1 up when tested from any of the wired computers. Wireless connections are much better I get around 35Mbps down and 19Mbps up. HH5 admin reports 80Mpbs down and 20Mbps up. If I connect any of the computers directly via cat5 cable to the HH5 I get around 65Mpbs on OOKLA.


I am beginning to wonder if the upgrade is really worth the extra cost if I cannot get the download speeds quoted when I oredered it.

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Re: Home Hub 5-LAN ports not working through a Switch.

From my experience: If you connect 'older' devices to the unmanaged switch, the HH5 port connected to the switch will run at the speed of the 'slowest' connected item.


i.e. if an 'old' Ethernet laptop is connected to the switch, the HH5 port runs at 10Mbps - if that devices stays connected to the switch, all other devices (Fast Ethernet or GigE) connected to the switch runs at speeds of the 'lowest' connected device speed.


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Re: Home Hub 5-LAN ports not working through a Switch.

Old thread, sorry.


Did you ever get this fixed?


ever since we upgraded to Smart Hub (HH6) and infinity from HH4 a few weeks ago our 5 port netgear switch has not passed traffic through. I tried direct and it worked fine, so narrowed it down to the switch. Purchased a brand new one this week and tried that, and exactly the same problem, the issue started the day after we upgraded the router. So im convinced its a router issue not a switch issue now.

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