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Home Hub 5, PPPoE error timeout.

Evening, all.

So at about 8pm tonight, our BT Infinity went offline - home hub 5 has a solid amber light despite several power cycles including a factory reset while on the phone to BT first line.

The hub event log shows constant PPPoE error timeouts - on average about one every 30s or so.  

There were no faults reported in our area, but my wife mentioned seeing OpenReach working on our local cabinet this afternoon.

We have a BT engineer booked for Friday morning but from browsing the forum here this seems to be something that they are unlikely to fix - is this still the case?

If an engineer callout is unlikely to help, how do we escalate this to someone who actually can assist us?


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Re: Home Hub 5, PPPoE error timeout.

Hi @codeduck  welcome to the forum and thanks for posting. Sorry that you had a problem with your broadband service. Are you still experiencing this issue? If so try to connect a device to your Hub using a cable or wi-fi. Open a web browser and follow the on-screen help wizard to get connected.


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