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Home Hub 5 Playing Up?



Anyone able to shed any light / point in the right direction on this?


I have had a HH5 (A) for about 18 months, working fine for me at home.  I was away for a few days recently, and returned to find that something had gone wrong with it... it had reset itself to the original SSID (I always like to modify this).  When I tried to change it back, the router seemed to work OK for a couple of minutes, but then:


- My SSID disappeared

- Light on router started flashing orange

- Light then started flashing orange


I tried a factory reset, all worked OK (with the out-of-the-box config).  Tried to change the SSID again, and the same thing as above happened.  Tried a couple more factory resets, and now I have just left it working with its original config.


I spoke with BT Customer service, who have decided there's something up with my line- kind of interesting, and there may be more drops on it than there should be, but it doesn't sound to me like it should be the cause of the issue I originally faced!


Any idea what's going on here, or suggestions for fixing the snag?


FWIW: BT Home Hub 5 (Type A) | Software version | Last updated 03/09/15

BT Infinity.




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Re: Home Hub 5 Playing Up?

Right, looks like the Chromecast Audio snag that others have reported.  Fixed now.  See thread here:

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