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Home Hub 5 Type B WiFi fault?

Hello all,


We were supplied with a Type B HomeHub 5 when switching to FTTc Infinity 2 several months ago.  This has worked very well until a few days ago, when the 2.4GHz channel started to become erratic.  I mainly use it for audio streaming, which for me now consists of snippets of a few seconds of sound interspersed with similar length pauses for "rebuffering".  The bitrate required for this is much less than 1Mbps, so there is something very seriously wrong somewhere.


The broadband connection itself is not affected: 65/18 Mbps  up/down on a wired connection.


5GHz WiFi is also fine. I've set up separate SSID's for the 2.4GHz and 5 GHz channels to allow me to select between them on a phone.  I get results like this (about 3m from the HH5):



5GHz: 42.5 / 18.6

2.4GHz: 9.0/2.0

5GHz: 49.2 / 17.7



5GHz: 47.8 / 18.3

2.4GHz: 0.01/0.14

2.4GHz: 0.02/3.4

2.4GHz: failed to complete

5GHz: 49.2/ 18.7



During the 2.4GHz tests the speed needle is erratic - it flicks up occasionally to a higher speed and then slowly sinks down.  Suggests it is able to transmit at high speed for a few seconds and then drops the connection?


I've tried changing channels manually to no avail - we are in a fairly rural area, there are no detectable signals from neighbouring houses according to the WifI Analyzer app.

We haven't installed any new microwave, lighting or anything else that might be bathing us in 2.4GHz noise but I suppose that it's possible that something is playing up.  Not sure how to find out?


I have seen the reports of similar behaviour caused by a firmware upgrade to the Type A HH5 last year, but little about the Type B.  There has been no upgrade since installation:

BT Home Hub 5 (Type B) | Software version v0.07.03.0814-BT  | Last updated 18/12/2014
Tried a factory reset, with no effect.

Anyone else had a similar issue?  I can hardly face going through the inevitable "turn everything off and on and slaughter a chicken" routine from the BT "help" desk in the attempt to get them to send out a replacement, but it would be worth doing that if this seems likely to be a one-off component failure rather than a generic design fault.





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Re: Home Hub 5 Type B WiFi fault?

Do you get the same problem with different devices, e.g. both a laptop and a phone? If so, I think your HH5 is fooked and you need a new one.


Incidentally, I get low speeds using 5 GHz (on my phone, 5 Mbps compared to 40 Mbps with 2.4 Ghz, holding it right next to the HH). But I don't mind because I use 2.4 Ghz.

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Re: Home Hub 5 Type B WiFi fault?

If there was a problem with the hh5b wifi there would be numerous posts on the forum and there is not so it mY be there is a problem with your specific hub and if so then you need to phone customer services and asked for replacement

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