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Home Hub 5A & Infinity 2: Dropping Connection



We've had Infinity 1 since December 2104 and it's worked well but we got the offer for Infinity 2 a couple of months ago.  Our connection seems to have upgraded as over the last couple of weeks the Home Hub has been reconnecting every 8, 12 or 24 hours or so and the speed has increased all the way up to 69.9.  However over the last week the connection has been more unreliable with more frequent reconnects with the speed changing from 69.9, 69.3, 69.5, 69.9, etc.  So The speed is fine but the uptime isn't good.


Overnight and this morning it's reconnected 3 times in 8 hours with a particular entry in the WAN log appearing when it goes through the drop/reconnect sequence:


(13620.020000) PPP LCP Send Termination Request [User request]


The noise margin seems to be 5.9/3.4.


it can take anywhere from 30 to 90 seconds to reconnect.  I did log a fault through the website but it's just been marked as resolved when it's not, so I've logged another but I'm not confident that won't just get marked as resolved as well without anyone contacting me.  I have done all the usual reset, plug into the master socket, quest line test, etc and nothing has made a difference.  I wouldn't mind a connection of around 60 if the connection would stay up for days and not hours.


Can the Moderator help me speak with someone in the UK who I can actually speak to and can help resolve the issue?


Thank you.







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Re: Home Hub 5A & Infinity 2: Dropping Connection

The 2nd fault log now has an estimated fix date of the 9th of August.  Whilst I now BT can connect to our Home a Hub remotely, I'm not sure how an estimate can be given when there's no great detail on the issue.  I'd still like to speak to someone in the UK however, as I'd be happy to have the speed capped if needs be.


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