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Home Hub 5B Wireless Issues

Hoping that the forum can come to my rescue again with a problem regarding wireless connectivity on my HH5B.


Up until this morning all devices were able to connect wirelessly to the hub via the 2.4GHz channel with a best download speed of around 25meg compared to wired of 65meg. On 5GHz on our iPads we could regularly get 60-65meg but this quickly dropped off with distance (as expected).


Have had real problems this morning with wi-fi on most devices and have tried the following to fix it - following a soft reset, which didn't work, did a hard reset of hub (recessed reset button on back for 20-30 seconds), turned off smart set up (it was off before), split the 2.4 and 5GHz channels (they were split before) and used inSSIDer home to pick the best channel (6) on 2.4GHz (laptop doesnt work on 5GHz).


5GHz now working on iPad (the only device with 5GHz) with 68meg down and 16meg up but 2.4GHz barely working with only 0.35meg down and 0.41meg. Wired on this laptop is fine at 69meg down and 17meg up. Looking on inSSIDer at the 2.4GHz the signal keeps dropping from around -38dBm to -95 every few seconds (now on channel 1 with a link score of 83) - see image below.




Can anyone help??

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Home Hub 5B Wireless Issues

Sounds like a borked hub.

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