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Home Hub 6 Do not do it

Just a warning for anyone considering the HH6 .

After getting the blurb from BT about the new "Smart Hub" with its inproved wireless coverage I decided to invest £50 as my HH4 Openreach Combo was getting a bit long in the too , its the worst £50 I ever spent


On installation the hub appeared to work well with better 5gz band coverage in my property great I thought money well spent.


Then the problems began with random disconnections from the internet the hub would be sat there shoing a blue light but you had no internet connection other times it would flash orange then back to blue with the only way to get a connection back to do a power down.I gave it a few days but no improvement.


So I contacted BT , What a total and utter joke the customer service and I use that term lightly are , You have to go through to a call centre in India , 5 different operators who were unable or unwilling to understand the problem , Do a factory reset , done that made no difference , "it will settle down on its own"  "wait 48 hours and see what happens"  or the best one is let me put you on hold for a moment and then cut you off !!!


I demanded  a refund but they would not budge , Because I paid for my hub and I am no longer in contract I threatend to leave BT , they didnt care , All I finaly got was an offer of a replacement.


In exasperation I have accepted this , I have reinstalled my Openreach modem and HH4 and have a totaly stable connection again.


I have never dealt with a company that has a customer service that is so bad they genuinely dont give a toss about there domestic customers and simply direct you around until you give up which I suspect is what they want , the Indian call  centre is useless and just make it up as they go along.


HH6 is obviously not a stable product and should not be being shipped .


So if your thinking of the HH6 DO NOT DO IT



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Re: Home Hub 6 Do not do it

Do not despair. There are many people with the exact same problem. I to paid the £50 plus delivery. Fiddled with it for 3 weeks then had to give up. Reverted to HH5 again and all is well.


I have studied BT's customer Complaints Code. You will get your money back but as we are dealing with human beings working to a script and process you must do the same.


1. You must formally complain. You will get a complaint number.


2. Having got no satisfaction via this, BT will say something like 'Charges are being maintained'. 


3. Tell BT that you want to escalate your complaint. They should advise that someone will call you.


4. Having got nowhere with this you must ask BT to issue you with a 'Deadlock' letter. They don't like to issue these; they will prevaricate - but you must insist that they issue it. As BT's case is indefenceable I would think that they will refund you. You may wish to ask also for compensation for the distress caused.


I am currently between stage 3-4. Yesterday BTCare said they tried to call us during the day. But they were telling pork pies as by dialing 1471 it was evident they had not even attemped a call. 


I asked who do I request the 'deadlock' letter from. You get this from the people that will phone you. If nobody phones on Monday I will write a simple letter to BT using my complaint number asking for a 'deadlock' letter.


One way or another I will get my £50 plus delivery refunded.





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Re: Home Hub 6 Do not do it

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Re: Home Hub 6 Do not do it

Thanks for the information I will also be reporting them to trading standards as they are providing a product "not fit for use "
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Re: Home Hub 6 Do not do it

The Adbertising Standard Authority are investigating following complaints about the advertising claims made about HH6.

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