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Home Hub not Syncing

Hi all


new to the forum so apologies if this has been posted before.


I have been without broadband since the start of July (first call put into BT 4th July).


At the start I had no connection at all, but yet when making a call on the landline, the broadband would connect.


When I first phoned through to the BT help line, all the procedures were carried out with the advisors in India and eventually (and after a few calls and going through the same process)they arranged for a Broadband engineer to visit the house.


When he visited, everything was showing up clear on his system, but yet failed to connect to the router.  The engineer replaced the router with a new one (home hub 2.0) and put in new filters, but was still no use.


He arranged then for overhead engineers to come out and check the lines outside. 

The first one came out, said that something needs replaced (sorry, I can not be more specific, as im not too technically minded) but he couldnt do it by himself, so he arranged for a new visit.


When two new engineers visited, they replaced an outside cable (again sorry for not being more specific) and said that everything was showing to be working with them and was coming up clear on their system.  However it still didnt connect/sync with the router. 


They said that they have to refer this again to the Broadband engineers (this was Sat 16th July).  When I heard nothing, I last week got through to India again, who again arranged a call out for this morning with a Broadband engineer (between 8 and 1).    Unfortunately the engineer never showed up. 


I got through to the call centre again, and they apologised saying it was the holiday season (even though I had to go out of my way and take a day off work).


Three weeks on, I am still without a Broadband connection, and dont know what is happening next, and getting really annoyed as no one can seem to solve this.


Hopefully someone can help and point me in a new direction.


Many Thanks.






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Re: Home Hub not Syncing

Hi OliverMc.


I think you need the mods to have a look at that for you. Fill in this form: with a link to your post.

it might take up to 72hrs for the mods to pick up on your message, but they should be able to find out what is going on.



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Re: Home Hub not Syncing

Many thanks toekneem.


Much appreciated.


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