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Home Improvement Charge

Notified today of proposed £129.99 Home Improvement charge. Spoke to help desk who reviewed paperwork and agreed that charge should not have been made.[ Fault was on BT's side of the line] Confirmed this fact in e-mail. However, said that payment for bill including cancelled service charge, would be collected before credit made. In effect this means that it will take 9 months [three bills] to clear this credit.


When contacting the service desk I noticed that there is a message asking you to "press ?] if your call concerns home improvement charge queries. This would suggest that I am not alone in quering these charges. BT's error has cost me time on the phone to resolve; given BT 9 months use of my money and additionally cost me circa £16 in calls [ which fell outside my call plan] to secure a telephone connection whilst the line was down.


Has anyone else had a similar experience of incorrect charging for Home Improvement visits or am I really the only one being billed incorrectly?



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Re: Home Improvement Charge

Welcome to the forum. BT tend to avoid giving refunds when you end up in credit, preferring to let the collection system sort it out automatically. As you've found, this can take some time to resolve things if you're on the Monthly Payment Plan.


The MPP has outlived its usefulness and quite frankly is no longer fit for purpose in a number of respects. My advice would be to switch to monthly billing, which involves each bill being cleared in full by direct debit about 8 days after the bill date. Any credit is applied immediately, and if the credit is more than a month's bill you will make zero payments until the balance is restored. The downside is that you can't choose your DD date and any one-off charges can't be spread over several months.


I changed to monthly billing after a series of problems with the MPP and have not looked back. There is info here, or you can get it set up through Billing Live Chat.



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