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Home Move cancelled with no reason or explanation given

I've been a loyal BT customer for 35+ years with no reason to complain. We have recently moved to Norfolk and all my previous good will is fast disappearing! We arranged a home move 17th Feb with a moving date of 20th Feb. We knew that we couldn't get Infinity where we were going so our existing plan was downgraded to standard. We were given a connection / activation date of 8th March and I duly checked the online tracker and watched as the days counted down. On the 7th March I noticed that the engineer appointment was unconfirmed.


I rang BT to check if it was all still OK and after speaking to NINE different people for 3+  I was told that the order had been cancelled!! I tried again the next day - another 4 hours and 5 people and was eventually told that it was cancelled because fibre wasn't available!! We didn't want fibre - we knew it wasn't available! I also noticed that my old account and phone number which should have finished on the 20th Feb was still active!


I eventually spoke to someone who was a lot more helpful. But the only thing she could do was cancel my old account and set me up as a new customer - complete with credit check!! She then booked an engineer for the earliest date which was 31st March! I then went on the tracker and changed to the earlier date of 15th March. This was for phone line only as she wasn't able to say whether we could get broadband (all the neighbours have it as did the previous house owner so I assume we can!!)


Engineer arrived on time, played with the socket and went up the pole outside our front door and came back in saying he couldn't connect it and it would have to be passed on to another engineer to sort out. It needed a survey and he reckoned it would be 48 hrs. 


I rang once again and was told a survey had been booked and they would ring back today (18th) with the result and another engineer call would be booked to make the connection. He did indeed ring back to tell me that the survey had NOT been done and someone would ring back on the 23rd March with an update! There was nothing he could do about this as it was out of BTs hands!! 


We are also getting regular emails to remind us to register with MyBT - we need an account number to do this and we haven't got one!


We we are obviously not happy with the poor service to date. We have a BT line coming in to the house and connections to a BT socket. The previous owner had BT phone and broadband installed and working. What is the purpose of the survey? Why is it so complicated for BT to reconnect a phone line - after all this is their bread and butter - their whole reason for being!!  It's not rocket science. We are currently using a 3G / 4g wifi hotspot to get broadband so we can do our work from home - this is costing a fortune and is not a viable alternative. 


How long is this going to drag on for? When we do eventually get a landline we will have to seriously consider our options re a broadband provider because if the current hassle is anything to go by I'm not that confident about staying with BT. 



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