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Home Move delays and issues

Hi all, not sure if others can comment or moderators can assist.  We had a home move planned for 23 August into our new home.  The engineer arrived told me where the phone point was then duly left as he told me Openreach needed to connect a line to my house from a telegraph pole.  Anyway since then and despite assurances from BT Home Move teams I have been given priority appointment then a welfare appointment only for all of these to be refused by Openreach who seem to be the only ones worthy of controlling when appointments are confirmed.  Anyway onto yesterday when Openreach came out, they fitted a new master socket then went to check the line to the green box, he came back told me he needed to go to the exchange and that was the last I saw or heard despite texting and calling him.  Called today to be told that openreach could not finish the work in time and need now to book another appointment to finish the work, however as the job is still open I have to wait till the 14th September for them to be able to re-book.  The last time this happened was a 10 day wait as Openreach are that working that far ahead even if it is a priority.  Anyone else being treated like this, I have raised a complaint but that seems to just be for feedback to management and nothing else.  Nobody seems to care lots of sorry but nothing they can do.  Managers dont engage as they leave it to their staff to bear the brunt of my frustration would really like to see if anyone in BT actually has any authority over the actions of Openreach and their practices.

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Re: Home Move delays and issues

Hi, @dave071uk Welcome back to the community and thanks for posting, I'm really sorry about the delays with the provision of your service after moving home. I can't make any promises but we'll be happy to look at your order and contact Openreach to see if anything can be done to progress this for you.

I'll send you a private message in a moment so you can send over your details and you'll get that by clicking on the envelope in the top right of the community. 



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