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Home Move

I’m currently selling my home and moving to a new address. My current home is completing on 1st April and so I let BT know I needed to leave that address on that date. The order for my home move went through and a day and a half later I received notification that there was an auto-cease on my order. I called the home move team but they were unsure why the auto-cease was on there and asked me to re-order with a later date. Do you think it will simply auto-cease again and what might have caused it? I’m thinking that it could be that the current owners have cancelled or told BT that they are moving and I have to allow that to go through first but can I have a break between homes without having to cancel and pay the penalty? 


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Re: Home Move

it is probably the owners of your new home transferring their number to their new home and their order will stop you taking over the line until their order completes

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Re: Home Move

Yes, that makes sense. Will I be able to have a gap between 1st and when I can re-order? 

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