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Home hub 3 orange power light and speed problem

Hi, I have a Home Hub 3 Version A. Orange power light constantly on


I came across this site while looking for answers and quickly registered to post this.

I have tried all suggestions including a neighbours power supply (Version A as well) to no avail.


Background to help with replies.

I have been had option 3 since 2003.

In that time I have had

H H 1 (failed)

H H 1 replacement (failed)

Netgear – weak wireless and does not like Vodafone suresignal

H H 2 constant dropouts

Back to Netgear

H H 3 Version A lasted 24hrs

Back to Netgear.


For the last 5 months we have been having line problems, regular dropouts.

BT Openreach have been out 4 times, changed virtually everything and traced line back to Exchange.

The last engineers conclusion was line at my home is capable of 12meg and was being throttled as he called it to around 6meg.

He suggested trying a H H 3 and contacting BT for line to be opened up.

For two reasons.

  1. With a faster speed line fault would be easier to locate.
  2. Line was capable of so much more.


Several LONG calls to BT answering all the format questions first, (to be fair 0800 so no cost) each time first being told my speed was within contract stated speeds, then after my explanation regarding BT Openreach engineers views I was told an engineer would be contacted to improve line speed.

Needless to say nothing happened.

The frustrating point being each new call generated the same response – NOTHING on their system to show a previous call had been made by me.


Hence the reason for this post.

I feel the helpline, whilst free, achieves nothing except a long time on the phone answering repetitive questions answered before.

I am loathe to phone again as I will undoubtedly be told there is no record of any previous calls or action and I want to resolve the H H 3 Version A problem so it can be used.


Any help appreciated

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