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Home hub 4 DHCP server issues ?

Hi any advice gratefully received. On BT infinity with home hub 4 as DHCP server, connected to sam knows EU trial monitoring box, to network switch. The Netgear N600 I have connected to the network in another part of the house keeps dropping wireless connections for reasons unknown. This is not an issue for the Netgear used as the incoming router instead of the home hub 4, when there are no issues with its wireless connections, nor the BTHH4 when their places are switched around. Unfortunately the Netgear does not appear to support the protocols required for BT sport on the BT youview box, so they has to be switched back again. So I cannot work out why the wireless connection keeps dropping with this set up? Any maximum for number of connected devices for the BTHH4? Or any advice as to how to get BT sport to work with the Netgear N600, at least then I can switch the routers around again. Thanks
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