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Home hub 5 keeps breaking wired connections


Wireless connections are fine, wired connections to the back of the router are fine, but I have a switch connected which serves about 6 wired connections (3 PCs and a NAS are usually connected). 


Every week all the connections connected to the switch just stop working and have no internet connection. The only solution I've come up with fixing that seems to work (resetting router, switching off, resetting ipconfig, etc does nothing) is to unplug every connection from the back of the switch and plug them in one at a time waiting about 5 minutes between each one. If I plug them in too quick, they just fail again. Then it works again for another week or two.


And this is getting on my nerves.


It isn't my switch because I forked out £40 last month on a brand new (different model) switch thinking it was broken and the exact same fault is happening (so thanks homehub for that waste of my money).


Any idea what this is? I'm sure if I call the helpdesk they'll run a check on the line telling me broadband is ok following by asking me to switch off the router then telling me there's nothing wrong with the router.




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Re: Home hub 5 keeps breaking wired connections

have you tried another port on the hub
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Re: Home hub 5 keeps breaking wired connections

yes. it's as if the router can't cope with getting data from lots of devices at once on the same port.

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