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Home hub 5 keeps dropping connection

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Upgraded to Home Hub 5 on 28th January. Previously had Hub 3 and had absolutely no issues with this apart from slow speeds. Since plugging the hub 5 in we have had intermittent or no broadband connection at all. Hub flashes constantly from blue to green to orange and repeats this over and over. The longest it has stayed blue and given us internet connection has been 3 minutes then it drops the connection again and repeats the cycle. Therefore no internet since 28th January. This has also meant my bt tele has not worked either and i have been billed for both! I have had the line monitored and have had an engineer out who says there are no problems or faults with my line inside or outside. Spoke with customer services again today to be told i need another engineer to confirm what the first one said but this would also not be until 22nd Feb which is another week away and does not help me at all. Has anyone had this issue and been able to resolve it as i cant see any way forward. 

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Re: Home hub 5 keeps dropping connection

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is your phone working ok


why don't you use the modem with the hh3 assuming that is what you had before switching to hh5.  you can also use the modem with the hh5 if tou prefer

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