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Re: Home hub calls suddenly being charged to landline - help!

I have now heard once again from BT help.  They once again point out that hub calls will be routed through the landline in case of power failure etc.  I know that now!  I didn't know it was even possible before - and I certainly didn't realise that when I set up the new home hub phone that somethinghad caused the call to go through the landline.


Having stated that the calls will normally route through the landline, she then says that she has asked the billing people to look at my £83 bill for calls on the landline which I thought were going through the hoe hub - in fact I was paing the fee to make the calls to landlines free from the home hub although it was patently impossible to use thi while all calls were being routed through the landline - something I still haven't resolved.


I just know they are going to say that the charges are legitimate landline charges. I am not disputing that the calls were made, but I am disputing that they are charged on the landline when I presumed we were making calls on the home hub! 


Is there anything I can do?  I keep going back and filing a ticket with them, but they don't seem to get as far as understanding the question.  There is no possibility of havig a conversation because they don't give a return email address, it is the generic don't reply address.


This is driving me nuts...


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