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Home hub slow speed ?

Hi Guys

New to the forum so be gentle,  a bit annoyed tonight after nearly spending 2 hours onto BT Customer services, due to the fact my internet connection via the home hub is so slow, they did all the usual checks and told me the broadband speed to my house is fine, which i knew, but the speed is less than half via the hub,which isnt BT's problem? i have lived here for 7 years and have never had issues with wireless connections and all the PC's etc have worked fine, it seems obvious to me there is an ssue with the hub, but i was refused an engineer to attend and check out the equipment, so i am at a loss as to where to go from here, any suggestions. i am close to cancelling my account.

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Re: Home hub slow speed ?

Which hub do you have?


bt do not guarantee your wireless connection as there are to many variables that affect the wifi signal within your home


have you tried changing the channel in case it is conflicting with a neighbour?

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Re: Home hub slow speed ?

Hi imjolly

i have the Home Hub 3.0.

I have just changed the channel as you suggested, will see what happens.

Thanks for your advice.

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