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Home hub5 port forwarding

I know this has been asked many times I’m sure and I’ve been searching the net for the last 2 weeks and still no joy. My question is ive got a clever dog ip camera which worked perfectly for the last 8 months on normal broadband with a home hub 2 could view from my i phone no problem now I’m on infinity useing a home hub 5 camera is connected but when I’m away from home I can view it for a few seconds then it says failed to connection was told I may need to do port forwarding but I’ve tryed and got nowhere does anybody know how to do this please ive tryed the bt link for it but havent had any luck I’m pulling my hair out now
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Re: Home hub5 port forwarding

The way I used to do it on my HH5 was to first use a DDNS service - I used NoIP - just have to confirm your details every 30 days.

Then go into port forwarding and create a rule for each camera - you should be able to enter IP address of camera required and port number you want to use (make sure you have set static IP address and port number you want to use in camera set up).

You should be good to go - This set up may have changed a bit as have now got rid of the HH5 and use a Draytek which works a lot better than the BT Hub!!!

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