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Home move and cancel contract

We are due to move home next month and we are moving in with my mum who is already in contract with virgin for broadband. I asked bt if they can cancel ours because of this and they said no we either pay the early cancel fee which is £585 or keep the broadband at her house as technically we can have 2 providers. I said but that's silly, why would we pay for two and then the cancel fee is so expensive. We were overcharged our broadband to begin with and they wouldn't do anything about it. We live in an area that doesn't have fibre and max speeds of 8mb yet we pay £40/50 a month for broadband. Can we do anything about this?

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Re: Home move and cancel contract


There is nothing you can do apart from transfer your broadband to your mum`s house, otherwise you will have to pay the cancellation charge.

You can have two providers, as Virgin Media use a totally different network to BT Retail, so there should be no issues providing service at her house.

Make sure you give BT plenty of notice for the home move.

You should not be paying that amount for just basic broadband, unless you have extra services added.


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Re: Home move and cancel contract

TBH, if you are within the minimum term of a contract with anyone ( not just BT ) and then move but don’t want to take the service with you, then early termination charges are reasonable, after all it’s you that’s breaking the terms of the existing contract by moving.

Just because where you are moving to already has broadband from VM so you don’t ‘need’ BT is irrelevant from BT’s point of view , if you don’t want to pay the ETC to settle the BT account , get the ‘BT’ service installed and possibly use it as a back up or in addition to the existing VM service , if you hadn’t moved you presumably would have budgeted to be paying BT per month, you simply continue to pay monthly but at the ‘new’ address, how much use you make of BT broadband at the address is up to you, but when the minimum  term is up you can then cancel without penalty , or if you move again , you could use the home mover service to provide BT at wherever you move to.