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Home move with BT What a mess

What a nightmare trying to move my phone/ bb service to my new address im due to move 14th Dec

orrigonal home move order went through with a connection date of 21st dec 2012. Ok can live with that. then there was a problem with the home move order so BT Told me it had to be cancelled and a whole new order would be placed. It took 2 days to cancle the orrigional order and only then because i kept ringing asking for progress. Finally on this satruday gone they said orrigional order was finally stopped and talked me through a new order (2nd one)


got my order number and the date of 3rd jan 2013 Not happy as i had missed my slot but they said nothing they can do.

Today I check my BT account and see no house move order. Called BT this morning 11am they said dont worry its going through


then i call just now 4.30pm and they say another error has been made by BT as i actually had 2 orders (or promotions as they call them live at the same time) so they now have to cancle everything down AGAIN! and i will have to place a 3rd fresh order tomorrow but they not sure when as they cant say when the orrigional order wll be cancelled.


I have kept logs and names of the BT support who have admitted they screwed up but now im facing an even longer delay well into jan until i get re-connected. absolutly terrible. Can anyone help me with this  from BT as the support do not seem to know what they are doing when i call the 0800 number and I can not wait until mid jan 2012 for my reconnection in my new home. Nightmare.


Will try to do the home move tomorrow but not happy and if it messes up again i will have to switch to another providor.


Frustrated at BTs absolulte incompidence on such a simple thing as switching services from my current address to a new one.


Unhappy customer 😞


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Re: Home move with BT What a mess

Hi Deeplay,


I am really sorry you have had so much trouble with your home move orders.  I'll be happy to have a look at what's happened so far and make sure we get the order right this time.


Could you drop me in an email please? Use the 'contact us' form in my forum profile under the 'about me' section. You can find it by clicking on my username.



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Re: Home move with BT What a mess

Hi Craig thanks for the quick response. I sent you an email through the Contact Us form. 🙂

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Re: Home move with BT What a mess

The nightmare continues finally placed order number 3 and was told on the phone by the Home Movers team (name Julie) that new activation date was the 7th Jan whcih is now even later than the 2nd date which was 3rd jan. Then when the order showed up on my BT account for the home move it read 9th JAN 2013 !!!1 Terrible so that is a month without phone services or interenet becuase BT somewhere managed to mess up not 1 but 2 orders.


Then icing on the cake Julie was speaking to Easy Assist to try expidite my activation date and I get cut off!


So I called back in, no one really knew what was going on and i had to explain it all again , another 10 minutes talking finally they check the pages of notes on this. And put me directly through to easy assist who did not have full access to my notes but James from easy assist did finally find them and has pushed this to his manager to see if this can be expidited but I now have to wait another 3 or 4 days to find out the answer for this.


Finally no email confirmation was sent even though Julie said an email was on the way. But thats the way it goes. I can at least see the order online but with such a late activation date (9th jan) it directly impacts me as I need both phone and internet for work. Very unsatisfied and now having to wait another 3 or 4 days just to see if BT can bring the date forward  even though it is BT who have messed up this order from the start.


Ahhh I could scream - deep breath!



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