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Home move - you'd think it would be easy

I am moving house.  I've got Sky Broadband and Sky Talk at the moment, with BT Line Rental - but was very tempted by Package 970 (anytime calls and broadband), which I must have had about a million letters from BT about.


After much debate I decided to go for it, and arrange my house move with Option 970.   Surely BT must be keen to get my business back after writing to me so much.  Plus Sky cannot offer me broadband at my new address anyway.


No!   Can't be done!   Apparently if I go for the Option 970, I will have to pay a new line connection charge of £130.   Why???!   As an alternative I can go for a more expensive option at £14 per month but that only has evening and weekend calls included.   If I do that I won't have to pay the connection charge.  This doesn't seem to make any sense?


I queried this.   Presumably BT are trying to entice me back with this special deal?   I am a long standing customer, at least in terms of line rental, and I am offering to bring back my business.   Also I am moving to a new build property which is already pre-wired.   I think BT actually did the pre-wiring - there's an Openzone box on the outside of the house at ground level.


I am at a loss how to proceed.   I feel a bit cornered to be honest - and am going to have to cough up somehow.   The rosy glow of the Package 970 offer has certainly turned a bit brown around the edges ..... Smiley Sad


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Re: Home move - you'd think it would be easy

could try BT Live Chat - Open Mon-Fri 9-6 :

or the MODS

The contact for the MODS is (Allow 72 hours for a response)

Check your exchange or major service outages

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Re: Home move - you'd think it would be easy

It makes sense to me. Buy an expensive package and get the connection free, or buy a cheap package and pay for the connection. Openreach charges a connection fee if they have to do any work whatsoever to connect the line. That could be running a new line from the nearest pole, or just plugging in a couple of wires at the exchange. BT Retail may pay the fee themselves, but only if you sign up to a more expensive package deal.
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Re: Home move - you'd think it would be easy

Ectophile, I absolutely understand what you are saying. However, Package 970 is not a deal you can choose from the BT website - it's something BT are offering folks in an effort to entice them to bring back their business to BT. In my case calls and broadband. It seems illogical therefore to totally defeat this by trying to charge me for £130 for installation. It would be more cost effective to take my business elsewhere. I know I am free to do this, but I would actually like to come back to BT. The charging mechanism defeats the offer, and the alternative is a lesser package for more monthly cost. Give with one hand then take away with the other. Where's the incentive?
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Re: Home move - you'd think it would be easy

Hi Unfortunately the charge is raised by openreach if an active line is not available at the property this would be charged regardless of provider as openreach carry out all installation work for communication providers apart from cable operators
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