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Home spot 500 fault

Hi I am having problems with my home spot 500.


It has lost connection. There is no data Green light showing. However there is the internet green light. this goes out when I remove the ethernet cable.


I have tried different ethernet cable.

I have bought a new home spot 600 ...same does not work


If I look at the devices connected on the hub BTHH5 (advanced settings)  I can see all the wi fi , my Pc and if I cannect my laptop by a patch cable i can see that. If I pull the cabels out and refresh they disapear. The home spot just does not register on the hub.


Given its unlikely that the new home spot 600 does not work as well. I think its a hub problem.


I have had my line checked and all is good re internet speeds and connection.



I have factory reset this and still the same.


Any Ideas???   FYI tech help line is never open shuts at 08:30 - 17:30. 


Thanks for any help in advance. 


Kind regards,







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Re: Home spot 500 fault

Technical help are open 24/7 you can contact them from your BT landline on 150 or if calling from somewhere else you can call on 0800 111 4567


I can try to help as best as I can.


The data light indicates if the device is connected to the network or not, if the light does not show it means it is unable to connect to the network through your internal wiring.

The first check i would suggest is to move both of the devices into the same room and plug them into a double wall socket, factory reset them and then see if that data light comes on (it should after a reset)

You can use the user guides to learn how to f.reset them;


If the data light comes on - you can move them back to where they need to be. If the data light then disappears we have established the device is not able to connect through your internal wiring.

This can be for many different reasons, including things out of BT's control such as degradation of internal wiring or other installed electrical items which interfere.


As you mention it is unlikely the adapters are at fault as these have been replaced before and the issue remains, we still however have to establish where the fault is so I would suggest tryin the above step connecting the devices together and let me know how you get on.


Best of luck

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