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Re: Home wifi Connection issues on ipad

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> "It is, however, restricted to channels 1, 6 and 11, whereas in older hubs it was possible to choose from all 13 channels."


Yet another reason for staying well clear of HH6. It's one thing to provide a simplified configuration option to make life easier for non-technical users, and totally another to deny flexible options to customers altogether.

BT designers have taken the dumbing down process into surreal territory I think, and made the Hub's value to users plummet. That would be true even if it weren't full of bugs. People often need options, and those options should remain available even if a simplified interface hides them initially.


I wish there were some way to communicate this to BT designers / planners.

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Re: Home wifi Connection issues on ipad

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They have their heads in the cloud, probably the BT Cloud, which is why they they cannot see the technical limitations.

There is nothing smart about restricting the number of channels.


All channels are overlapped, although channels 1 and 13 are the least affected. Using 1,6 and 11 is only going to help if you have other wireless routers in the same house using one of the two other channels.


The chances are there are going to be neighbours, possible with BT home hubs, using one of those channels, possible two of them, which only leaves one left. In parts of your house, the signal from a neighbour is going to be stronger.