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HomeHub 2 wireless woes

I am on the Black HomeHub 2 with Vision (only for the sports) and have been since July/August. I am Mac based.


I've had wireless connection issues since I got it and so after a week of so of having it I plugged a spare Airport Express into an ethernet port and used that as my router instead.


However, about 2 weeks ago I moved the Airport Express into another room for use with Airtunes (I have one in every room now) so I am once again using my HH for my wireless connection so I need to figure out how to sort out my wireless problems.


My problems are the following;



  1. Wireless internet access through any device will after about 30 minutes or so from first access eventually appear as 'not connected to the internet' despite the wireless signal being full or close to full.
  2. Airtunes will after about 10 minutes become jerky to the point where maybe 1 second of a track is played every minute. The airtunes controller on my iPhone will also become de-synced, with the playhead being in the wrong position for the track.
  3. If anyone tries to access (even just loading up the access page) the BTFON or OpenZone wireless network on my HH then all wireless internet access will show as 'not connected to the internet'.
Working solutions
  1. Resetting the router works, until the connection drops again
  2. Changing the channel works, until it drops (I've used all available channels, only 2 other networks show up when I search for other networks, and they are both on channel 7)
  3. Disabling wireless on the HH and using an AirPort Express works perfectly
Obviously the solutions 1 and 2 are non starters for a permanent fix, and solution number 3 is not really a solution in my book because I shouldn't have to buy new equipment just to make BTs product work (unless they are willing to pay for the kit).
I'm posting on here in the hope that someone can help out.




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Re: HomeHub 2 wireless woes

i just typed a message with the same problem, exept my internets fine, my conections between apple products disaper. i also have the same problem with airtunes. how easy was it to use the airport express as the router instead

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Re: HomeHub 2 wireless woes

It was really easy, I'll reply in your thread though once I've found it.
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Re: HomeHub 2 wireless woes

Ok, I think that I may have fixed it. Switched the wireless settings on the HH2 to Wireless b/g instead of b/g/n. Online for about an hour at the moment, plus I ran a speedtest and it was a full 1.5 mb faster than usual at 8.2mb on


Also noticed that BTFON and OpenZone disappeared when I did this, Result!


Will post an update again if a) it is still up after 24 hours or b) down again.


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Re: HomeHub 2 wireless woes

I've done what you have. Turned security down to WEP. Used inSSIDer. Changed channel. Swiitched to b/g. Reinstalled Windows. Reset my Windows Phone. Restored my PS3.

I never had any WLAN issues until a few weeks ago. There has been a firmware update.

I ordered a new HH2 last week. But still get the same problem.

I believe a router should provide weeks if not months of uptime. That is why after some research I am about to buy the Billion BIPAC 7800N router.

If I buy the router I will request a couple of quid discount off my bill each month. And if the billiion doesn't work with BT vision, then sobeit. I'm looking at a Toshiba Freeview HD HDD recorder anyway.


If I move somewhere with Virgin cable, I can also use the router as a cable modem. And if BT ever upgrade Welwyn Garden City to FTTC then it supports VDSL2 as well. And 300mbps wireless and 1000mbps wired is enough for a while yet.

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