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HomeHub 3 - USB speeds painfully slow - known issue?

Hello I have a BT HomeHub 3 - FW version 12 - on Infinity Option 2.


I have recently bought a WD 2TB external drive and connected it to the USB port on the homehub in the hopes to have all my media on it to share across the network.


It attached fine, was detected fine, and I've successfully mapped it as a network drive on my PC without a problem.


The drive is formatted in NTFS, and my PC is connected to the homehub via the gigabit port.


The read and write speeds though are painfully slow - pretty much solid at 2.0MB/s. Is this just "how it is" or is there a solution, because as it stands I can't see the point in there even being a USB port! I could download another version of the file 4 times faster from the internet than I could copy it locally to the HDD!!


I can't find any information about this or indeed see many complaints, so I'm wondering if this is just mine?


Any feedback would be appreciated - happy to receive technical answers.


Thanks for any help!

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Re: HomeHub 3 - USB speeds painfully slow - known issue?

The home hub USB port is slow because the internal processing of the home hub is slow. Also its using SMB, which is is not that efficient.

Remember, its primarily a router and wireless access point. If you want faster transfer, use a proper NAS connected to the Ethernet port.




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Re: HomeHub 3 - USB speeds painfully slow - known issue?


 Keith, I have to say that your answer gives no technical insight of the situation,


 I highly doubt that this device does not have the processing power to do a transfer of more than 2-3 Mb/Sec,

 Don't forget there's even a gigabit ethernet port, and you can easily achieve very high speeds using lan or even the internet connection - forget that this is due to the hub being slow - no chance.


 Second point you mention, SMB protocol is not that efficient, that's not the reason for slow speeds again. I can confirm I've got an SMB server setup on a Linux 5 yeard old netbook in the Lan and it's still performing faster than 2 Mb / Sec. SMB is again NOT the problem.


 It's most likely a firmware issue where the USB port is either throttled down intentionally or not utilized as a proper USB 2.0 port - I think BT or whoever makes this box ought to give the community an explanation on the matter. When claiming that the usb port can be used to connect storage media they should also mention that the maximum speed is not more than 3 Mb/Sec - otherwise the statement is misleading as most people know that usb storage media perform a lot faster when connected to computers.


 It's like someone telling you, that his car drives like ferrari, but not telling you that it cannot do more than 20 mph.

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Re: HomeHub 3 - USB speeds painfully slow - known issue?

I don`t know how the hardware is configured within the later home hubs, but I would imagine the USB port is given a very low priority, as it is on my home hub 1. Its given a dummy internal notation of Ethernet 3.


SMB transfers to Windows based machines is much slower than Netbios which is used between Windows machines.

My Linux based NAS actually transfers faster over FTP than it does using SMB.

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