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HomeHub 6 Issues

Hi there,. I have multiple issues so thought I'd start here...

Just decided to start using a hh6 instead of a hh5.

I factory reset it before use as I had used it before.

After initial setup, the BT WiFi aerials were opted out and it said as much in the hub manager.

Within 48hrs, it had changed its mind and now says 'Active'.

I've been to the WiFi status page and it says we are opted out! ??

I chose to opt out again and it's been 48hrs and the signals are still working and it still says 'Active'..!?

Any ideas? Please thank you.

Ps, I have other issues with hub6 also, should I post all together? Thanks



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Re: HomeHub 6 Issues

Hi @GamingPc321

It can take few days for BT WiFi to deactivate itself. Keep a check on that. With you being opted out and opted out again seems strange. Normally you have to opt back in leave it a day or so then opt back out. 

‘What other problems are you having with the HH6? 

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Re: HomeHub 6 Issues

I would opt back in then leave 24/48hrs then go back and opt out

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Re: HomeHub 6 Issues

Thanks for the replies,. To be fair, I've switched back to the hub 5. Hub 6 is naf in my opinion. The infinity speed dropped as low as 33mbps, where the hub 5 gave 55-61mbps. And as soon as I switched back to said hub5, sure enough the speed has re-established it's self within its original range, mid to high 50s.
Another issue that came back today, was a serious amount of noise on the line, I was in mid conversation with a government advisor when the line got so bad it almost disconnected, I waited and the advisor came back but did mention lots of noise from her end too.
That's when I chose to go back to hub 5. ?!? Confused..
Be nice if we could get the noise checked out please? That was a major issue for my folks before.
As for the opt in.. think I'll leave that idea, ... Just for now. Hub5 wins it...
Any help is appreciated.
Thanks Matt
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