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HomeHub3 not the best for infinity

I'm checking here to see if this is actually true - I've been sent a replacement HomeHub3 about 6 months ago but it's still not working properly with my Infinity.  We're having to reboot the hub 4-5 times a day and the range is hopeless. So I ring up support and was advised that this hub works best with copper not Inifinity. So essentially I'm paying for Infinity with the wrong box, having even rang support to sort out my wifi issues who **changed** the box for another Hub3. Has anyone else experienced this?  It just seems bonkers to be wilfully supplying clients with the wrong kit.


To upgrade to the right box I can't get tech support to do this I had to go to upgrades - which I then waited 20 mins on hold only to give up and try again today.  The Upgrade department can't ation replacements and I can't face going through all this again so bascially to get the right kit I've had to pay to upgrade.  


Has anyone else experienced this e Hub3 issues with Infinity?



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Re: HomeHub3 not the best for infinity

You may be having problems with your Hub3 but it is nothing whatsoever to do with whether you are on Infinity or normal broadband.Why are you having to reboot the hub, what are the problems?

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Re: HomeHub3 not the best for infinity

In my experience HH3 works OK with Infinity1 in conjunction with the white Openreach modem. While the wifi range isn't state of the art it should be fine for the average house. Wi-fi problems are double ended - a lot depends on how good the wifi adaptors are in your remote devices and any problems are not automatically the fault of your HH3. I have had two wi-fi dongles fail in the last couple of months so I would suggest checking that your computer-side wi-fi system is OK before blaming the HH3.


More detail on the range and data rates you are acheiving as well as any structural factors like brick walls, radiators etc. in the wi-fi path would help diagnose your issues.



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