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HomeHub4 connectivity

I have a ADSL HH4 here. I have a wired connection to PC and a wireless connection also. On the wireless I have split the networks but still lots of connectivity problems.


I noticed this tonight - the default gateway on the wired connection is When I go to this from the PC I get the Hub admin. On the wireless connection the DNS gateway is - so different. Weirer still when I go to this IP it takes me to a Sky router (that I dont recognise) - the Sky router looks a bit like my network - as in it appears with my netowrk SSID - but the list of connected devices is all over the place - some are mine but not all and the types of connection are wrong (shows some as wired then theyre not and visa versa)


Does anyone have any idea what's going on here and how I resolve it?? 



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Re: HomeHub4 connectivity

It sounds like someone nearby has a Sky router, and has turned their encryption off, which is a bit of a risk, as anyone could connect to their network.

Sky SSIDs begin with Skyxxxxxx.


You can always change the SSID of your home hub, so its easier for you to identify.


All you can do is to delete that wireless network from your list of networks, and then rescan and add your own wireless network from the list.


You need to make sure that the wireless settings are such that it only allows connection to preferred networks.


I assume that you have not got an old Sky router plugged in somewhere?


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