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HomeHub6 behaving strangely...

Right, I've got a bit of a list here.  The reason I'm posting is that I've spoken the HomeHub Helpdesk on 150 and they can't help me.  They know there are problems but can't actually speak to anyone at the HH team to tell them (that's what I was told), can't give me a number so I can, can't answer my questions...




- Static/DHCP not showing correctly: devices showing Static in the summary are showing DHCP in the detail.

- 'Rogue' devices have been turning up, especially after post-upgrade WPS installation of TL Extender Plug, which shows up to 12 devices!
- Can't disconnect connected devices.  Have to reset hub.

- After Factory Reset, the HH is still recalling device names once that device is reconnected.  Full reset?  I think not...
- Disconnected devices sometimes shown, sometimes not.
- Admin password seemingly not being remembered once changed.  Nor wireless key?
- Admin password keeps being asked for.
- The blue D on the device icon disappears after viewing details.  150 doesn't know what it's for.  I thought it was supposed to mean DHCP but then it should be showing on more than the one it is (the only one with Port Forwarding).
- Why is Port Forwarding (Teredo) created by default on one machine only?  Can't delete it!
- Why can't 150 HomeHub help contact the HomeHub people or supply a number so I can?


Sorry if it's a bit disjointed, I'm confuded about what's happening and frustrated that I can't speak to anyone about it.  There's been a firmware upgrade and I wonder if that's the reason.


Hope someone can shed some light.




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Re: HomeHub6 behaving strangely...

'Static/DHCP not showing correctly' - Static addresses can only be set on the device EG: the PC etc.  The hub or any other router can't set a static address on a remote device.


WPS - Never used it, try turning it off and doing connection settings manually.


Factory Reset - If you held the button in for at least 20 seconds and the router light flashed then looks like something odd going on with the hub.


Password not remembered - If you confirmed the change by clicking 'Save' or whatever the button legend is then something else odd with the hub.

Same thing for constant password nag.


Teredo - If you really don't want this then you can get rid of it with this:-

From Command Prompt (you may need to run as Administrator)


netsh interface teredo set state disabled


The help line is populated by 'Script readers' if the answer to you question is not on their screen then they haven't a clue.


As for the Blue D, I have no idea, I never use hubs.

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Re: HomeHub6 behaving strangely...

Static/DHCP: They are all set DHCP but in the hub's My Devices page some are showing as Static, even though the detail page shows DHCP. Icons are showing wrong too... Are we talking about the same thing because I didn't quite get the reply.

WPS: sorted that, I was holding the button in till the hub flashed but it turned out a simple press was all that was required. The TL is working fine with no 'rogue' devices showing.

Factory Reset: I held the button in for what must have been a minute and nothing happened. I eventually did it from the Hub manager but I don't know if they're the same kind of reset. There were still old connection details showing when remade...

I am absolutely certain I saved the password changes but I wish I could specifically remember doing it...

Is Teredo actually useful?

I have to let the Script Readers off the hook - it's not their fault they've been dropped in it - but not the people who set the system up...
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Re: HomeHub6 behaving strangely...

Regards Static/DHCP: If you follow these instructions they will allow you to set a Static address on the PC/laptop.  (Windows)


Right click the network icon beside the clock.

Click Open Network and Sharing Center.

Click Local Area Connection.

Click Properties Button.

Select Internet Protocol Version 4 and click properties.

Select Use the following IP address.

Type in the address you want to use 192.168.1.x, replacing the 'x' with a number from outside your Hubs DHCP range.  The default range I believe is to so a number up to 63 should work ok.  Then you could set DNS server addresses if you like.

Select Use the following DNS server addresses.


OpenDNS IPv4 servers are and

Don't try to set a static IPv6 address though you can set IPv6 DNS servers.

(just copy and paste these if you like)




Teredo:  Not in particular as you can use 'Native' IPv6 on your connection, with a suitable router. For example Hub6 supports IPv6 as do a lot of third party routers.

A brief description of Teredo can be found here:

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Re: HomeHub6 behaving strangely...

Yes, I vaguely remember all this from years back... Thanks for all your great help, Liam.

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