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Homehub 2.0

Hi can anyone help me PLEASE I have a bt homehub 2.0 which works fine.I have just got a laptop which works fine also on the wireless part of it.So you are asking yourself is wrong.Well I live in a very non standard construction bungalow with dodgy wiring lots of solid brick walls and a metal roof, well I think you get the picture.The internet enters the building at one end which as the crow flies is about 100 meters from the other end of the house.My wireless connection does not even take me halfway without going completely.Can somebody please reccomend something that will definitely work,as I have had different people telling me all sorts of things.All I want is to be able to use my laptop where ever I want in my house.One other thing is I am not very technically minded so I need all the help I can get.
Many Thanks.

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Re: Homehub 2.0



Well 100 metres is a long way to get a Wireless signal:


You just aren't going to be able to make it reach.


So your choices are:

1: Move the Homehub nearer your normal surfing point using a phone extension.

2: Run a CAT5 (aka ethernet) cable from the HomeHub to somewhere nearer your normal surfing point. Then use a Wireless Bridge to allow you to surf wirelessly.

3: Use a Wireless High Gain Antenna on a ADSL router which allows external aerials (not using a HomeHub).

4:  Try using Networking over Mains adaptors aka Homeplug/Powerline Network. If your house wiring is shot, this may not be an option


If it were me, I would be tempted to either lay CAT5 cable or try borrowing some Powerline adaptors/Homeplugs and see if they can cope with your dodgy wiring. Options 1 and 3 can get very expensive.


Hope this helps



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