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Homehub 4 Airplay drops out randomly

I have BT Infinity 2, and upgraded the HomeHub4.  On the previous hub I had a flawless experience with Airplay to an Apple Airport Express connected to the Hifi.  I am streaming from my iMac that is connected via wire to the router.  The issue started as soon as I upgraded to the HomeHub 4.  Devices and the iMac find the express instantly and start streaming music.  Then at random intervals, the music drops out and in a couple of seconds comes back through the Hifi.  I have updated the firmware on the express.  


The airport express is connected to the 5GHz band, After checking some of the forums on here I see that the suggestion is to change to the WPA.  With the Homehub 4 this is possible on the 2.4Ghz but not the 5Ghz band.


I would like to see BT issue a new software patch, I am running on:


BT Home Hub 4 (Type A) | Software version | Last updated 24/07/13

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