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Homehub 6 wifi/ip cameras

Hi. Having moved from hh5 to a hh6 my ip cameras no longer work after trying many many different solutions and these forums to no avail. And I think with them been older cameras they simply arent compatible. 


Can anyone recomend a plug and play ip camera for the homehub 6 as the internet seems swamped with compatibility issues with wifi cameras and the homehub 6. So hoping someone on here has a system that worked straight out the box. Must be wifi cctv though as dont want cables running all through the house etc. Thanks in advance 

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Re: Homehub 6 wifi/ip cameras

There is absolutely no reason why cameras that worked with the HH5 shouldn't work with the HH6. what have you actually tried?

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Re: Homehub 6 wifi/ip cameras

Split the signals I've tried the 1,2, and 3 wifi modes I actually cant remeber everything as I simply researched this forum as much as possible and tried any methods I came across. I have no idea about routers and some of the technical stuff. I just know the cameras worked perfectly on hh5 and now there not even picking up wifi signal at all. When I attempt to join the network then look for camera on list as it used to show on hh5 network it's not even showing now and simply seems to refuse to communicate with router. The cameras are about 4 year old so thought maybe the tech had just moved on and were no longer compatible 

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Re: Homehub 6 wifi/ip cameras

Have you tried changing the SSID of the HH6 to what it was on the HH5?

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Re: Homehub 6 wifi/ip cameras

Yes tried changing the IDs to no avail 

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