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Homehub installation

I am about to drop Virgin and come to Bt, virgin for gaming is shocking so much lag i thought now that infinity is available at my local exchange i would jump ship, but i have a question.


My phone socket is in the hallway, there is no mains in the hall (no electrical plug socket),remember i dont no what the bt infinity socket looks like, anyway here is the question at the top of the stairs i have a small bedroom that i use as a computer room is it possible to install the homehub in that room, but keep the phone socket in the hallway, or will they have to move the phone socket, or is it a matter of simply running cat cable up the side of the stairs from the phone socket into the computer room?




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Re: Homehub installation

The Openreach engineer will either move the master socket for you or run a cable from the socket to where you want the Homehub located. They will run the cable along skirting boards and around doors and won't hide the cable under carpets.


If you get a contractor installer they are less obliging as they get paid per job so the quicker they can install and leave the better for them. They will generally only install the homehub at the master socket and not move the socket. They should still run cable for you but it's not unknown for them not to do this. If that is the case you could always run cable yourself after they have gone.


Be aware that your gaming might not improve, have a look through this forum for some posts about poor gaming and in particular EA games.


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Re: Homehub installation

What i would recommend is puchasing a shielded RJ 11 cable and running it from the phone socket to where you want the hub and then all the engineer has to do is put the new faceplate in and then plug the hub where you want it.


I say that because if an engineer has to do a extention run then it could potentially be a lower quality cable and loose you valuable sync speed.


I have a 1 meter meter adsl nation shielded RJ 11 installed and that gained me a 4mb increase over the standard cable that came with the modem, now imagine what an extention run made with lower quality cable will do to your sync if just replacing the last meter gained me 4mb.


Go on tandyonline ( and search for shielded rj11 and they will have Adsl nation cables in various lengths, i cant recommend them enough. They are listed as "High speed rj11 dsl cable" and when you click on the listing they have an adsl nation logo. 20 meters is the longest they do and its a reasonable £9.99+p&p

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Re: Homehub installation

Thanks Guys for the replies, much appreciated.

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